Giovanni Bravo


16123 Genoa
Salita S. Caterina 1/2
T. +39 010 561849
F.+39 010 8562589

20123 Milan
Via S. Maria Segreta 6
T. +39 02 45374750
F. +39 02 87183380

Born in Genoa, he graduated with honours in law in 1998 from the University of Genoa. He was admitted to the Genoa Bar in 2001.

He is qualified to appear before the Supreme Courts.

He holds an LLM from Cambridge University (Cantab 2002-2003).  He was also a lecturer of Comparative Business Law at Anglia Polytechnic University.

He has been a member of the new register of Chartered Experts in the Negotiated Settlment of Business Crisis (“Composizione negoziata della Crisi di Imprese”) since the beginning of 2021.

He regularly participates in conferences and courses as an expert speaker on business law and particularly on business crisis.

He has gained extensive experience in the fields:

of extraordinary transactions and contracts law, where he has handled the completion of numerous corporate acquisitions (of utility companies, large-scale distributors, insurance and health services companies, port terminals, electromechanical companies, real estate companies, food and industrial manufacturing companies, energy companies, etc. ), mergers and demergers (of holding companies, real estate companies, industrial companies, transportation companies, shipbuilding companies, brokerage companies, appraisal services companies, pet food companies and utilities companies), joint venture agreements (domestic and international partnerships in various business sectors) and other financial transactions and operations (on behalf of multiple types of companies operating in a wide variety of fields and domestic and foreign investment funds active in different areas, including the real estate sector with reference to the purchase and sale of hotel facilities, logistics centres and other commercial properties or residential complexes);

of bankruptcy law and business crises, assisting bankruptcy trustees in revocatory actions and other insolvency litigations and multiple debtors applying all the tools provided by the Italian Bankruptcy Law: reorganization and debt restructuring agreements (of holding and tourism-hotel, real estate, and shipbuilding companies) and composition with creditors proceedings, either with liquidation of the assets or with business continuity (shipowners, construction companies, local public transport providers, semi-finished goods, food, alternative energy and coke producers, as well as coal and other commodities trading companies), also dealing with the recognition of Italian proceedings abroad (including in the US). Following the entry into force of the Italian Crisis and Insolvency Code in July 2022, he has already successfully concluded the stipulation of several reorganization agreements governed by the new legislation;

of complex litigation, including precautionary measures and arbitration, at the national and international level, in the areas of financial law (enforcement of financing and bond loans and related guarantees), corporate law (including the challenge of resolutions of corporate bodies, proceedings under Art. 2409 of the Italian Civil Code, directors and statutory auditors liability actions and indemnity claims) and bankruptcy law (also participating in panels for the defence of companies and other clients under investigation or charged with bankruptcy or related crimes), as well as environmental damage, public and private procurement, civil liability and insurance law. In particular, he regularly handles the coordination of cross-border litigation on behalf of investment funds and other clients based in different jurisdictions, defining the strategic lines of litigation and supporting local attorneys in managing and instructing cases on behalf of his clients. He also serves as an arbitrator.

He has held and holds institutional positions in public and private companies and in solidarity and sports associations.

He regularly works in English.

He is the head of the Milan office.