The Firm

Founded in 1947, CBB Law has grown over time into one of the most successful boutique law firms in Italy, with offices in Milan and Genoa.

We focus on helping global companies achieve their goals, providing concrete, effective and timely solutions to complex problems.

Expertise, Integrity and Dedication

CBB Law assists clients in all major areas of corporate and commercial law, with the utmost expertise, integrity and passionate dedication, guaranteeing high quality legal assistance. These values are the foundation of our success and represent the law firm culture shared by all its professionals.

Your partner
in law

Relationships are at the core of the way we operate, both in our internal dealings and in our rapport with clients and other professionals. The spirit of collaboration, daily interaction, and the ability to adapt to the specific needs of each client allow us to conceive the most appropriate technical solutions to quickly achieve the desired goals.

The specialized skills of our team are built upon a solid knowledge of the fundamental principles of corporate and commercial law, which allows us to efficiently define the characteristics of different transactions and resolve the most sophisticated technical issues.

The firm provides legal advice and assistance in Italian, English and French. We have established partnerships in many foreign countries and benefit from strong relationships with leading experts in many disciplines and professionals in other areas of law.

All of the above has contributed to CBB Law winning and maintaining the trust of National and International companies and investment funds, building long-term and highly integrated relationships with clients active in a wide range of sectors.