Avvocato Lorenzo Bottero

Lorenzo Bottero



Lorenzo Bottero was born in Genoa on 5 October 1972.

He graduated with the highest grades in Law at the University of Genoa in 1996 and was admitted to the Bar in 1999.

He specialises in commercial law, company law and bankruptcy law.

He has gained extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Commercial law, assisting companies in the negotiation of agreements with national and international counterparties, in the drafting, interpretation and execution of contracts as well as in the in-court or out-of-court resolution of disputes;
  • Corporate law, assisting and advising companies and the related corporate bodies in the incorporation (drafting and reviewing articles of associations, shareholders’ agreements, etc.), the management of the shareholders’ relationships, the preparation of, and participation to, the corporate bodies’ meetings, the choice of the appropriate corporate governance structure, the delegation of powers, in transactions for the sale and purchase of shares or quotas, the transfer of businesses or business concerns, financing transactions (negotiation with credit institutions for the grant of credit lines and facilities, the related security package, and assistance in the isse of bonds, minibonds etc.), in extraordinary transactions, the execution of joint venture agreements, with reference to corporate compliance matters, in restructuring and liquidation procedures;
  • Insolvency and restructuring, assisting (i) bankruptcy receiverships in the context of liability suits and revocatory actions and, in general, of the disputes involving the bankruptcy estate and the drafting of legal opinions (ii) private investors in the framework of the composition with creditors, bankruptcy proceedings and compulsory winding-up-proceedings and in the purchase of shares from the bankruptcy estate (iii) corporations in the context of the negotiation and execution of restructuring agreements and composition with creditors, aiming to liquidate or to continue the business;
  • Energy law, advising operators of this sector in theconstruction, purchase and sale of energy plants and of companies operating such plants, in the negotiation of commercial, corporate and banking agreements, in project financing transactions, in the drafting of development agreements and incorporated and unincorporated joint ventures.

16123 Genova – Italy
Salita S. Caterina 1/2
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20123 Milano – Italy
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