Giovanni Bravo

Giovanni Bravo

Partner – Head of the Milan Office


Giovanni Bravo was born in Genoa on August 21, 1974.

He graduated with honours in Law at the University of Genoa in 1998 and was admitted to the Bar in 2001.

He holds a LLM from Cambridge University (2002-2003), where he was also lecturer of Comparative Business Law at the Anglian Polytechnic University.

He often lectures at legal seminars on commercial law matters and, in particular, on debt restructuring.

He is Partner of the law firm “Cristoffanini & Associati”, and head of Milan Offices.

Mr. Bravo has an extensive professional experience in different fields such as:

  • Extraordinary corporate transactions, where he has been involved in the completion of numerous acquisitions (including companies operating in – among others – local public services, large scale retail distribution, insurance and health care services, terminal activities, electromechanics, real estate issues), mergers and divisions (including holding companies and companies operating in various sectors such as real estate, manufacturing, transportation, shipbuilding, brokerage, expert evaluation and local public services), joint ventures (national and international partnerships in various industries) and other different transactions (in the interest of several companies operating in various sectors and investment funds of diversified interests);
  • Public and private partnerships, assisting and advising Public Administrations and private entities, with reference to the establishment and the management of joint enterprises supplying local public services in the sectors of energy, water, gas, waste disposal, local transports, and to the context of project financing transactions;
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency law, by supporting bankruptcy attorneys during the litigation process or other disputes, and multiple debtors in the settlement of the consolidation of debts and in restructuring agreements (involving holding companies, tourism and hospitality, real estate, shipping and shipbuilding). Also, during judicial procedures of composition with creditors, aimed at liquidating or continuing the business (involving companies operating in the fields of shipbuilding, construction, local public transport, manufacturing of semi-finished products, food, alternative energy, production and trading of coke and other commodities);
  • Complex disputes on corporate and bankruptcy law matters, environmental damages, public tenders, civil liability arising from offences and insurance law.

Mr. Bravo also held, and currently holds, institutional offices in public and private companies, as well as solidarity and sports associations.

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