Restructuring & Insolvency

CBB Law has always advised on matters of bankruptcy law and insolvency procedures. Providing assistance to insolvent companies, liquidators and judicial commissioners and receivers, acting through professionals who ensure comprehensive assistance in relation to judicial and transactional procedures.

CBB Law has exceptional experience in the field of business crisis, pursuing all remedies provided by the legal system under the Italian Bankruptcy Law: reorganization agreements, debt restructuring agreements, interim financings and any act supported by special attestations and filings for protection and compositions with creditors, both with liquidation of the assets and business continuity. We have a high rate of regular implementation following the approval process (with management of opposition procedures and subsequent appeals before the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Cassation). CBB Law has also dealt with the recognition of Italian procedures of composition with creditors in foreign countries, both within and outside the European Union (achieving, inter alia, the very first recognition of an Italian decision of composition with creditors in the United States of America: so-called Chapter 15).

CBB Law’s professionals have devoted particular care and attention to the study of the new Italian Crisis and Insolvency Code that came into force on 15 July 2022, and regularly lecture on the subject. Giovanni Bravo is a chartered expert in the Negotiated Settlement of Business Crisis (“Composizione negoziata della Crisi di Impresa”) and CBB Law has led client companies to the successful conclusion of reorganization agreements governed by the new Code (including the approval and conclusion of one of the first debt restructuring agreements under Article 57 of the Italian Crisis and Insolvency Code).

In relation to the new legislation and thanks to our experience in the sector, we assist our clients in the process of structuring appropriate organizational, administrative and accounting structures with the support of qualified operators with the specialized skills necessary to complement our expertise.

Finally, we have long assisted entrepreneurs and investors interested in taking over receivables, ongoing business concerns or assets in the context of pre-insolvency and insolvency procedures, or in acquiring the related litigations or assets by entering into bankruptcy arrangements and other extraordinary transactions leading to the early termination of pending insolvency proceedings with repossession of the target company’s assets.

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