National & International Litigation

CBB Law assists its clients in every stage and phase of judicial proceedings before the civil courts, as well as in domestic and international arbitration. Our professionals assist clients from the preliminary stages of any out-of-court dispute to the judicial phase in all areas of corporate and commercial law. Successfully handling liability disputes, challenges to shareholders’ and board of directors’ meeting resolutions and financial statements, claims pursuant to Article 2409 of the Italian Civil Code and with extensive experience in interim proceedings of various kinds.
In the area of bankruptcy, companies and estates are assisted in handling all relevant disputes, revocatory actions, challenges and oppositions to the statement of liabilities and any other proceedings.
CBB Law also handles disputes on matters of procurement, unfair competition, indemnity claims related to extraordinary transactions, commercial litigation and liability in tort relating to criminal activity. Collaborating with criminal lawyers on investigations and trials related to the commission of corporate and bankruptcy crimes (false corporate communications, preferential, simple or aggravated bankruptcy crimes, etc.).
CBB Law has significant experience in arbitral procedures and our professionals currently act as attorneys and arbitrators (sole arbitrators, third-party arbitrators, party-appointed arbitrators and chairmen of the arbitral panel).
Finally, CBB Law frequently coordinates attorneys from other jurisdictions in cross-border litigation and assists its clients in handling foreign disputes or those with international profiles. Thanks to a team of professionals we design strategies and assist in the evidentiary phase in order for local attorneys (indicated by the client or selected by us) to maximize our clients’ chances of success in contexts in which overcoming language and cultural barriers may prove decisive. Whether that be in judgements on the merits, interim proceedings, international enforcement procedures or other proceedings requiring recourse to innovative solutions, including, for example, the recent application of the seldom-explored measure of the European Account Preservation Order in the context of a significant litigation spanning across four different European jurisdictions.

Other activity areas