Banking & Finance

CBB Law provides advice and legal assistance to companies with reference to the negotiation and renegotiation of medium and long-term financing transactions and other transactions of a financial nature. Both in the context of the ordinary course of business and in the service of specific investment projects, such as corporate transactions, real estate transactions, shipbuilding orders, construction of plants and infrastructures, and the expansion or modernization of factories.

Within this framework, we support our clients in the structuring and drafting of security packages related to the aforementioned transactions (by way of example: mortgages, pledges on corporate interests or other assets, assignments of receivables as collateral and personal guarantees). We also assist them in obtaining bank guarantees (including performance bonds, letters of credit, letters of patronage, other corporate guarantees and first-demand guarantee agreements in general, including those governed by international uniform rules) and in issuing guarantees in favour of third parties.

With respect to such guarantees, whether assisting the guarantor or the guaranteed party, we also manage, where appropriate, the enforcement phase. In this regard, our professionals have gained significant experience in the matter of creditor fraud and invoked in interim proceedings, in order to paralyze the enforcement initiative.

CBB Law also assists in civil or arbitration proceedings for banks and financial institutions, investment funds and asset management companies, both in disputes with other similar entities and in disputes with public entities, legal persons or private individuals. With specific repeated experience in accelerating the repayment of bond loans and in the subsequent judicial protection of the lender’s credit rights, enforcing the guarantees received and obtaining payment injunctions.

Other activity areas